DomeFrame Fabric Buildings

The BR16, a pergola, carport or garage

Why DomeFrame?

Cost of wood is lower; it is cheaper to transport and install. In addition, wood is simple to modify and to relocate, and it is eco-friendly.
In Canada:
1-12 Tyndall Ave
Toronto, ON M6K 2E2
(416) 907-4815

26 Farragut Rd
Swampscott, MA 01907
(781) 598-4380


The DomeFrame BR16



The structure

Par Port

A CarPort

Or by adding the fabric roof, it is a formidable Car Port. In Swampscott, MA, the zoning board by-laws, requires that new buildings must be 10 feet away from existing buildings. A Car Port does not have such restrictions.

With No Fabric

A Garage

The same fabric building already in use as a Car Port, with the addition of sides, back and front walls, it becomes a building.

The Barn 16 (BR16)
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