DomeFrame Fabric Buildings

Technology based on patent "Wood Arch Frame Systems"

Why DomeFrame?

Cost of wood is lower; it is cheaper to transport and install. In addition, wood is simple to modify and to relocate, and it is eco-friendly.
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Wood is better than steel

The patented technology that made it all possible

Base on this, DomeFrame, Inc. has created two lines of fabric buildings, the DOME with a semi spherical shape and the BARN with a semi cylindrical shapeSemi spheric shape.Semi Cylindrical Shape


The wood arch frame system comprises a plurality of arch-shaped frames, which are parallel to each other and separated by specific bay lengths, or radially distributed at specified angles, and in either case are laterally supported by wood purlins, which are transversal to the frames. The main purpose is to provide an economical solution for agricultural buildings and is intended for the construction of barrel vaults or round-type buildings that can be covered by fabric, steel cladding, or plywood and shingles. These frames are assembled by interconnecting segments, which are comprised of curved or linear lower and upper chords joined together by a vertical web panel. Chords are made from wood, usually of the spruce-pine-fir type, and the web panel of plywood or oriented strand board (OSB). Adjacent segments are interconnected using steel straps bolted to the chords and plywood web connectors bolted at both sides of each connection.

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