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The Barn Line of Fabric Buildings

Why DomeFrame?

Cost of wood is lower; it is cheaper to transport and install. In addition, wood is simple to modify and to relocate, and it is eco-friendly.
In Canada:
Burlington, ONT
(416) 907-4815

Swampscott, MA
(773) 270-3030


Profiles of the Barn series

Barns, are semi cylindrical fabric buildings with their width There is BR16 in Swampscott, MA., it is erected as a carport and from time to time the customer will remove the fabric roof, converting this into a pergola. The building code of Massachusetts a , and in the spring summer the option to enclose it as a garage in the future. DomeFrame delivered a BR16 initially erected as a pergola. Once the (fabric) roof is installed the pergola becomes a carport.

Profile of the barn series





Models: BR16, BR24, BR48, BR64 and BR96.


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