DomeFrame Fabric Buildings

A BR48 as a workshop and a dry dock for a sailboat restoration project.

Why DomeFrame?

Cost of wood is lower; it is cheaper to transport and install. In addition, wood is simple to modify and to relocate, and it is eco-friendly.
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The BR48

About the project

The client wants a fabric building to be used as a dry dock for a Pearson 44 sailboat which is to undergo a 5-year restoration project. The owners also plan to restore a classic old truck used to tow their sailboat.
The DomeFrame solution is BR48_(70-12-22), a DomeFrame fabric building featuring a 48-ft clear span, 70 ft long, 12 ft columns and a max clear height of 22 ft at center, engineered to withstand the wind loads specified by the local building code.

Profile of the barn series

Foundation Phase

DomeFrame provides load specifications and drawings with the necessary information for the contractor. Soil investigation is usualy required.


After building the foundation, the floor of the building is build with appropiate slopes. If required, a perimetral laneway is provided. Concrete piers are built are the base of each column.


Barn-in-a-box, Deliverables

DomeFrame In-a-Box

Installation Phase: Assembly and Erection

The contractor with the advise of the DomeFrame engineer on-site will install the first two arch frames, connect them with the purlins and install required tensors in the first bay.

Bay Area 1

From this point on, the rest of the structure is assembled following following DomeFrame instructions. In days the entire structure is ready.


Fabric Cover, walls, doors and other options

The structure is prepared smoothly for the fabric cover. The durability of the fabric cover is enhansed by appropiate installation. Accesories are provided to ensure fabric tentioning.

Fabric cover

One more DomeFrame ready for occupancy




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