DomeFrame Fabric Buildings

Relocatable fabric buildings by DomeFrame, we deliver your barn in a box!

Why DomeFrame?

Cost of wood is lower; it is cheaper to transport and install. In addition, wood is simple to modify and to relocate, and it is eco-friendly.
In Canada:
Burlington, ONT
(416) 907-4815

Swampscott, MA
(773) 270-3030


A Barn in a Box (or a Dome)

DomeFrame Carport - BR16

From 16 feet - BR16

To 128 feet - BR128

Who are the participants in this project?

With the input of the client, the DomeFrame/USA representative will put together a proposal identifying the General Contractor to do the building installation and any other participants in the fabric building project.

What are the expected cost savings?

A DomeFrame fabric building will bring savings in many areas. Not all of them can be quantified. These are:

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